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Artist Submissions

Submitting art to Gallery9 is easy. 


We've been on both sides and know the tension submitting art can bring. We’ve designed the process to be quick and painless.


Consider submitting three or more cohesive pieces which you could imagine hanging on a gallery wall. Include these images in an email to with “submission” in the subject line. 

Please include title, medium, date of completion, size, and suggested retail pricing for each piece in your email. 

We will contact you to let you know we received your email and attachments. 

Hang tight! We will respond to your email within one month. 


We do not accept walk-in submissions


Your submission is carefully considered and the marketability of your work is the key factor in choosing to show your work. If your work is what we’re looking for, we’ll set up a time to meet with you.

Other points to consider:

Pricing is a major factor. We target new and established collectors. 

Think of Gallery9 as a way to begin or enhance your artist resume.

There is no formula for what is accepted other than an instinct that it will move someone to purchase it. 

The size of your artwork does not come into play. We happily will accept large and small pieces as well as non-traditional mediums. 


Take a chance. We’re always looking for a new artist to showcase!    


More information...


When Searching for Gallery Representation:

-          Respect the rules:  Check out the gallery and before you submit anything, make sure your work is a good fit

-          Don’t try to talk to the owner of the gallery about your work unless they initiate the conversation

-          Follow the gallery's policy for submitting work (please, don't show up on the doorstep with paintings you'd like us to look at)

-          If the gallery shows interest, send low-resolution images that won't clog up the inbox

-          Wait a while for an answer, and if you don’t get one, send another friendly email reminder with one photo

-          If it’s a no, try not to take it personally.  Galleries have their own looks and your work may not fit it

-          Respect the gallery’s decision – they know what sells for them.


From Gallery9 to the Artist:

-         Always bring your work wired

-         Always sign your work!

-         Understand that sales can be cyclical - up one minute, down the next

-          Decide if you're an artist who wants to sell - or an artist who wants to paint. If you want to sell, listen to your gallerista who can             convey buying trends to you 

-          Be open to direction if needed

-          Don’t drop by to chat without a courtesy phone call first (we’re busy, busy, busy even if someone’s not in here)

-          Send good quality jpgs in low res but keep high res if gallery requests it

-         Think about painting in pairs or in a series – too much disparity is not good

-          Figure out what the gallery likes (palette, subject, size) and paint several for the gallery to review

-          Respect how the gallery hangs

-          Don’t call us … We’ll call you.  We really will!  

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