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Andrew Osborne

“My task is take what the eyes see, let the image percolate through the imagination and then translate the result to a tangible work that can be held in one’s hands. Some pieces take months or years to develop. Others spring out in final form. Of course, when dealing with a living medium such as wood, consideration must be given to the physical properties of each species and the intended use. This requirement influences the design and the creative process. For me, the pleasure is in the conception and the process of creation. I hope that the results of my efforts resonate in you.


I am largely self-taught through the exploration of the tools and techniques. Repetition improves both physical and mental skills. The mental process of discovery and the physical process of the actual creation provide a welcome alternative to my former day job as a practicing attorney. Moving from one world, one side of the brain, to the other is sometime a challenge. Each discipline enriches the other.

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