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Greg Vrotsos

"My works are stories. I communicate them through color, shapes, drips, heavy strokes, stains. They come from experiences. Conversations. Missed opportunities. They come from joy. Pain. They are songs I listen to. Nights of drinking. They are from losses in life. Women I still think of. Moments of laughter. Highs and lows. Sunsets. Road trips. They are my friends. My family. They are feelings and thoughts that are put on a canvas. I am in most control when I am out of control. Stepping out of my comfort zone makes me feel comfortable. It's when I make mistakes that I do right. And it's when I go in the wrong way that I find myself in the right direction. I can't promise to reach all of you through a piece of work, but I can promise to reach you with honesty. All I can hope for, is for you to be able to feel something, whatever it may be. It's a beautiful thing to be provoked by art and transplanted back into something you've dreamt of. And if I can do that for you, then I thank you. Because like all art, life itself is abstract."

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