How much does custom framing cost?

Prices range according to size, design and materials. For example an 11X14 custom frame could cost as low $33 and as high as $500 plus. Bring in your art for a FREE design consultation and quote.

Don’t be fooled by those 50% off coupons from our competitors. They’re obviously overcharging you from the beginning. We pride ourselves on offering a fair price for the best service and design.

What causes the variances in the prices of a picture frame?

Characteristics, including type and grade of wood, along with the style of finish and method used to create the finish are just a few of the variances in picture frame prices. Some manufacturers use lighter, low-grade woods and strictly machine finish their products, while others use higher quality materials with hand finishing techniques. There are also different grades of mat board and glass.

What can you frame?

We have framed everything from a simple photograph to an entire wedding gown, sports jerseys, baseball bats, golf clubs, swords, even large bugs. We welcome the most basic framing job to the most challenging.

What is the best way to determine my mat size?

Your mat should be at least twice the width of your frame. Otherwise your piece will begin to look stripy, detracting from the image. Two inches and up is usually a good place to start, but do your research. Flip through design magazines to see what you like and consult us for one-on-one advice.

Can anything be drymounted?

No. Do not drymount anything that is of value, mainly monetary. After the drymounting process, your image will be permanently adhered to a backing board, not to be removed without irreparable damage. Items that should trigger a red flag before drymounting are originals, limited editions, or anything of value to a collector. Another material that should never be drymounted is anything that will melt under intense heat. Wax-based artwork and some of today's printed digital photography should not be exposed to a heat press. If you're unsure, ask us.

How long does custom picture framing take?

Usually from design to completed project takes approximately two weeks although we do offer expedited services.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Of course we understand working within a budget which is why we offer a DIY option to artists. Check out “the back room” at the Gallery.

When creating a personal gallery for your hallway, stairway, office or dining area consider incorporating some of our pre made frames from our signature collection with some custom frames. We can help design the perfect situation for your wall as well as your wallet.

You always have the grooviest tunes playing. What are you listening to?

We have many playlists, via cd’s and ipod, loaded with music in the world beat/ lounge genres. Lately we’ve been letting Pandora “do it’s thing” by simply creating a radio station around some of our favorite groups such as Four80East, Gotan Project or Camiel.